Thursday, 30 June 2011

City Silhouettes by Jasper James

This amazing series of photographs by the talented Jasper James just leaves me speechless. I wish I had an eye for photography like that but unfortunately getting a C in darkroom processes has stayed with me for awhile. I'm planning to go photo hunting tomorrow in Chinatown, but let's just enjoy these for now.

All images Jasper James

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Glitter Girl

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I think basically anything shiny will do. Hehe. To date I have four shiny/metallic/sequined sweaters and two pairs of glitter shoes, one that I just bought from Steve Madden (and are freaking gorgeous, pics soon!). Shiny things/clothes make me really happy. They can instantly glam up any outfit, no matter how casual it is. I can't wait to shoot my new shoes! But for now I'll make up for the lack of pictures with these by Chiara from The Blonde Salad. Her glitter headband? To die for.

All images The Blonde Salad

Monday, 27 June 2011

Urban Outfitters: Spree time!

Got paid recently for a freelance job I did, so I splurged on some sale items at UO! I swear I'm such a sweater freak, I already have tons in my wardrobe and here I am adding more to my collection. It doesn't help that I have an extremely small closet. Just yesterday I broke a clothes hanger because I had like 3 items on it. Yup, time to visit Ikea. I'm gonna show you what I got since I'm such a girl like that!
Clockwise from left: Ecote Mixed Stitch Sweater, Cooperative Open Stitch Pullover Sweater, Pins and Needles Scalloped Placket Chiffon Blouse, Local Celebrity Teiam Player Tee

The Teaim Player shirt was for my boyfriend. I just thought it was pretty funny! Frankly I don't know what I'm going to do with so many sweaters, especially when I'm living in a tropical city like Singapore. The only reason I can come up with is that I'm a pretty weird Singaporean who's always cold even when its warm out (and its pretty warm all year round). I just hope the rainy season gets here soon so I can wear all the sweaters I want without anyone eyeballing me like I'm crazy. Hehe. I've got more items coming in from ASOS but I think I'll save that for another day. Staring at too many pretty clothes in one day is a crime! For my pocket...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Monki Magazine

Monki is a Swedish-based fashion brand that has spawned from famous sisters like Weekday and Cheap Monday. And guess what? They're owned by H&M! If all this name-dropping hasn't got you all excited, then maybe these pictures from the magazine will. I love this feature editorial! So amazingly kitsch and cheerful. I really hope Monki will hit Singapore shores soon, but then again it might have to be a long wait because H&M isn't even here yet :(

All images See more here.

Boo & Boo Factory

I'm on Etsy again. I need to get my daily fix, especially on a crappy day like this. I got rudely awoken by a client after 2 hours of sleep, and had to listen to rants at 8am in the morning. Woe is me! But on a brighter note, check out these cute geometric necklaces by BooandBoo Factory! So bright and cheery, perfect for my blue friday! (just occurred to me its supposed to TGIF!)

Hexagon Multi Colored Layered Leather Necklace

Origami Triangle Multi Color Leather Necklace

Geometric Leather Links Necklace

Amazing Creative : Chrissie Macdonald

Chrissie Macdonald makes paper into 3D objects. Simple and yet, the results are amazingly life-like and can you say awesome? I am no stranger to this form of art and craft that seems to be popping up everywhere, after having to create my own 3D objects in one of my graphic design classes. But compared to Chrissie's work, mine just falls flat (pun intended).

All images Chrissie Macdonald

Etsy Hunting

Etsy hunting often leads me to great finds like this awesome crocheted doily bath rug by Squirrellicious. I need it desperately. I know its ridiculous to spend 79USD on a bath rug + 59USD shipping charges (which I find exorbitant) but seriously?! Look at how bright it is! Imagine stepping out of the shower and onto this awesome and expensive piece of fabric! I know its stupid to ask for a bath rug on your birthday but this is definitely going on my wishlist.

All images Squirrellicious

Thursday, 23 June 2011


My new favourite blog is Call Me Cupcake! Seriously, does anyone ever need a reason to look at pictures of food? Beautiful pictures too, might I add. Call Me Cupcake makes girls around the world swoon over her delicious cupcakes and recipes. She blogs in Swedish mainly, but thankfully there are English translations too! I just made red velvet cupcakes but now I feel like getting my kitchen messed up for some Pink Rainbow Cake...

All images Call Me Cupcake

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday Wants & Needs

(Clockwise from left: The Vamoose Smoky Quartz Necklace, EmersonMade Gold Coin Necklace, Mastadon Tribal Skull NecklaceEmersonMade Goldie Pocket Skirt)

You don't need any reason to own pretty things like these! Just a few favourites of mine I've been lusting over, especially that Goldie skirt from EmersonMade! Functional pockets in a skirt with the perfect hue for summer, what more could I ask for? And paired with any if the above necklaces and you're good to go. I'm a sucker for quartz. Hehe.

Julie Boyles

Amazing iPad leather cases from Julie Boyles. I am so in love with the Double Strap one, reminds me so much of the PS1! Which of course, I have no means of getting my hands on till maybe 20 years later. I like how it can double up as a clutch as well, which makes perfect sense for me since I don't even own an iPad. Hehehe.

All images Julie Boyles

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Check out Matt from Wood&Faulk, a designer and builder. His website features beautiful projects that make my heart flutter. I have never felt so excited while looking at wood and leather. I think you'll get an idea after seeing these pictures of his latest projects, a DIY tripod chair and camera strap. Makes me wanna buy some leather now and start DIY-ing!

All images Wood&Faulk

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Cute music video for Danger Beach! Totally digging the illustrations. Sigh...wish I had skills like that in motion graphics. Sadly, character design is not one of my greatest talent despite doing illustration in school. But I still love looking at them though! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Color Collective

So while browsing online at this ungodly hour, I found a hidden gem on the Internet. Color Collective is a little blog of awesomeness that archives beautiful pictures and also pulls a palette of colours off them and presents it to you in a neat little jpg. Similar to Colourlovers but cooler because you get to see a pretty picture showcasing the palette. I'm going crazy over it! Being a designer, I spend tons of time debating colour schemes or trying to recreate a look without an actual palette. Now I have a ton of them to look at all day. Time to create a folder on the desktop named Beautiful Palettes...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Less and More

Totally fascinated with this creation while Etsy-browsing the other day. I'm so glad I have a product designer as a boyfriend who can make things like this happen for me! Can't wait till I have a place of my own so I can decorate and go crazy with the ideas I have in my head right now.

Cosmetics Organizer from LessandMore