Saturday, 26 March 2011

Topshop Personal Shopper Breakfast

Went for the Topshop Personal Shopper event today and what an experience it was! I've had an appointment with their personal shoppers before and I was really impressed with their service and the looks that they picked out for me. So I was definitely looking forward to see what new trends they've introduced since then. First up, what I wore:

(Topshop peter pan collared lace dress, Revoltage bow shorts, Zara nude heels, Casio gold watch, DIY bracelets)
Most comfortable heels ever. 

There was a pretty long queue when I arrived (hehe you can't see it here cos I took this after the event) but thankfully I got in quickly through Josie from Vocanic. Thank you Josie! :)

Poor girls who had to sit out in the sun. They deserve a picture!

Immediately approached by the really friendly waiters with refreshments!

That dude behind is totally like, OOO! CHOCOLATES!!! omnomnomnom...

Saw the personal shopper who took me during my appointment! The one on the left. Sadly I can't remember her name :( I'm sorry! Names are just not my thing. She roped in her really awesome colleague for the pic. Needless to say they were both dressed impeccably. Look at that awesome haircut! Androgynous and sexy...reminds me of Omayra Mota.

Melody from missingavenue and her friend

Leopard preens! Also love the sheer maxi skirt. We exchanged pics cos they were there as Style Scout shortlistees too :)

Took some pictures of some amazing fashionistas who also graced the event. Being around so many fashionable people in one morning was such an experience! Everywhere I looked there was an outfit that I couldn't take my eyes off. Exciting much?

So I was waiting around for the trend talk to start WHEN I SAW!!! Coffee! Yeah, I'm a real addict. I had 2. Please don't judge me.

Anny Lin, Topshop's Personal Shopper, talked to us about the various trends and key pieces that Topshop in Singapore stocks. The ones I really liked were the Graduation trends (I'm a real sucker for casual Alexa Chung pieces) and the New Age Constellation trend, which consists of minimalistic pieces that are more structured.  

Anny Lin, Topshop's personal shopper describing the Graduation trend.

Key piece from the New Age Constellation trend.

Ginette Chittick who finally wore colours!
Ginette Chittick was one of the guests at the breakfast. I'm loving how she has such a mix of colours on her that go so well together. Trust me when she says her wardrobe is all black, I see her in Lasalle all the time and never once was she in anything other than monotones. So Anny put together this outfit for her and I'm loving it :)

One of the looks that Anny styled with the culottes that Ginette likes. I love this look! Super chic and polished.

The talk was pretty useful, I liked how she said it's really not recommended to follow trends to the T with your whole outfit. The tip is to mix key pieces with your own. No one wants to look like a drone right? She also talked about other trends like Swedish Summer, and what to look out for this season (scalloped edges, light chiffony materials and denims in medium washes, not too light!). She also mentioned that if you're keen on the Personal Shopper service, you can bring in your own pieces and she can try and mix and match new pieces with your own.
The event also tied in with the launch of the new Sandstorm makeup collection, which I thought was pretty rad! I loved the nailpolish colours, which all complement each other nicely. I'm just wondering which ones I should get...or if I should get them all. Hehehe...

Sandstorm makeup collection! Loving the bright colours. I'm a real fan of nail polish cos of WAH Nails.
Topshop 214 magazine. I was pretty elated to see this cos I was pining for it after seeing Kate Bosworth with one.

BEST LOOKING CORSET EVER ON A MAN! Ok...the only one I ever saw. But still. Fierce.
Pretty much want everything on this table. Want the table too.
The sweetest little girl ever. She dragged her Hello Kitty bag all over. Pretty in pink!
Tote from the goodie bag.
So basically this was my virgin experience at an actual 'fashion event'. I'm really glad I had this opportunity to go totally gaga over clothes and be around so many fashionistas in one area. Also very impressed that Topshop Knightsbridge has all the trends stocked! So you can get the hottest pieces from all the trends in one area. Pretty awesome. I'm even happier because I finally got my red blazer. Hehehe. Pics soon! Toodles for now!

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